I’ve woken up this morning with my head whirring and an urge to write a blog post…..I’m not sure why but I’m trusting my genius and stepping out of the way to let it get on with it. (I’ll come back to the genius bit).

Its been a while since I’ve written anything…..This blog was always meant to be a creative ramble, a place where I could just witter on about anything creative I wanted to and those who were interested could follow along; but then I over thought it and it stopped me completely. I either didn’t have the right picture to illustrate what I wanted to say or worried that no one would read it. I think the key is probably to write like no one is reading. Just as we should paint, knit, sing and create in general, for ourselves and not for an audience, (if an audience happens to be there, great, but that’s not why any of us are doing it).

So, I’m back, prepare to hear me ramble…..(occasionally and with fewer pictures).

I referred to myself as a genius in the first paragraph, or did I? Read it again….I said I was trusting in my genius, not that I was a genius. What I’m referring to is the idea that we all have ‘a genius’, some sort of entity/deity/guardian angel that is there to give us ideas and encourage us to pursue them.

It’s a theme that seems to be prevelant in lots of cultures and religions, and has been around for donkeys years; some sort of deity to watch over you. But it was the Romans who really ran with the idea that each person and often place/thing had their own genii. So they would worship the genius of a person or place rather than the actual person.

I think this sort of praise would sit much more comfortably with us self deprecating artists than everyone just saying (with the best intentions at heart) we’re brilliant. It’s something that I experience quite regularly. People tell me I’m so creative and talented. I know that makes me sound like I might topple over with such a big head, but it’s a fact that they do (I didn’t say they were right). I’m always thankful and tell them so, but it does make me wriggle a little uncomfortabley. What if we could turn that praise to our genius? Direct those kind words to the entity that’s watching over us and thank it for all it’s inspiration? I know for me it would sit much more comfortably than taking the praise for myself.

I love the drawings of Charlie Mackesy, he does some truly beautiful ones of people with their genius’s. I don’t know if that’s what he intended them to be when he drew them, but it’s what I think of when I see them. They make me feel safe and loved and help me to visualize my genius.


Images taken form Charlie Mackesy’s Instagram, which you can find HERE.

Whether or not we do have a guardian angel/genius who watches over us is another debate. I personally like to think we do, and if it makes taking praise easier, I’m going to run with it.

I plan on spending a bit more time tuning into my genius and thanking it for it’s encouragment and inspiration. And every time someone starts saying how talented I am, or how lovely a creation is, I shall look up, smile and say, “I know that was you.” But I’ll probably do it in my head to avoid being carted off to an asylum.


I hope that thinking in this way also helps you to deal with the creative praise, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Do leave a comment or come and find me on my Instagram and start a conversation there.

Theodora X



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