Hello, thank you for visiting.

I’m Theodora or Thea for short.  I’m a creative wife and mother with a head full of sparkles and paint.

I live in a rural part of Somerset with my very talented Carpenter husband, our gorgoues little boy, a big silly dog and a buddha of a cat.

I trained as an antique restorer and worked in the industry for a number of years.  Due to various reasons I moved into Silversmithing and Jewellery Design and have now added painting to my list of creative exploits.

I like to keep the Jewellery and the Painting on separate platforms, but have come to the decision that they need one all round creative blog to bind them.

In all my work I am inspired by the world around me, history, day to day life, the changing seasons and anything I think is beautiful.  I can’t imagine life without potatoes, I love pretty china and dirty jokes, the beach but not the sand.

Above all else (except my family), the thing I love the most is Creating.